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  • Giulia Pasqualetti

Something Weired - Vogue - Francesco Petroni

Aggiornamento: 31 lug 2020

The film was conceived during the lockdown and filmed immediately after.

Opening with bees as the symbol of the complex interconnected system that allow us to exist, the project is about the madness gene of our species - that is very bewitching, allowed us to achieve unprecedented ventures in the history of Life but at the same time puts in danger our own survival - and what it will leave behind.

It’s a horror film in reverse, a sensation of possible scenarios. 

The music of the video is by Kawabata Makoto, a Japanese musician and founding member of Acid Mothers Temple, a psychedelic band originated in 1995 in Osaka from a hippie commune consisting of musicians, dancers, artists and farmers. 

AnimalSpotMilano BACKSTAGE #Onset

LOCATION: Club Ippico La Rocca

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