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Professional casting and training agency for animals, actors and models for:

• Editorials

• Shooting

• Spot

• Video

• Cinema and TV

• Events

• Theater

• Installations

• Fashion Shows

Animal Spot Milano is an animal actors agency specialized in casting and preparation of all animals to be trained and proposed as actors and models. The animals chosen are trained by our staff to become professional interpreters in the glittering world of communication, glamor and art. And we do it with sweetness, a lot of care and passion.

Why contact an animal agency in Milan?

By now in the collective imagination the desire for nature and therefore for animals is strongly felt, for this reason from the common commercial advertising spot, to films that tell pieces of real life, to fashion or even artistic and provocative shooting, the man-animal relationship is very often at the center of any communication.

Consequently, the need is increasingly felt to find animal actors and models professionally prepared by a specialized agency for animals with a team equipped with all the skills necessary for their involvement in advertising, video shooting and photographic shots.

On the trail of this quick analysis, Animal Spot Milano was born , a real animal agency dedicated to the training of animals for cinema and advertising .

Realizing advertisements with dogs , cats or other animals requires a wide range of skills that our team is able to offer.

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What does our "animal agency" do

The work carried out is aimed at preparing animals for cinema, film sets, photo shoots, events, art and theater, with all the concern and respect that our "actors" require.

The animal service for cinemas and commercials offered by our agency includes:

  • The casting of the animals or the choice of the most suitable subjects for the project;

  • The training of animals for filming and shooting through the care and professionalism of trainers and also prepares them for scenes that require very specific exercises;

  • The transport of animals by suitable means.

The rental of animals actors

Over time, through an ever greater organization, the rental of animal actors in Milan has been structured as a reference point also as animal rental actors throughout the national territory.

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