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Animal rental actors: the birth of little big stars

The rental of animal actors is now a well-defined reality that in recent years has become an integral part of the world of entertainment, commercials, TV and cinema. Dogs, cats and other small or large animals are the new protagonists, not only in advertising campaigns but also in films, attracting the public with their sympathy, charm and the representation of an intrinsic link between man and nature. .
Thanks to an agency like Animal Spot Milano , the rental of cats and dogs actors , birds , horses , cows, farm and exotic animals, allows you to create events and filming in a professional way, transforming each animal into a real star.

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Animal rental for events: the protagonists of commercials, cinema and TV

Pet rental in Milan will allow you to make your event, a commercial, a party or a film something unique. Even in a world where digital reality is able to reproduce the movement and shapes of any living being, live interpretation, like a human actor, makes the intervention of an animal unforgettable, transferring to those who observe and those who live there. experience, unique sensations and indelible memories.

The Animal Spot in Milan offers a series of services that also meet the needs of the most demanding customers:

1. Animals for advertising

An animal for a commercial can be both the protagonist and an extra that therefore supports the human actors. The variety of locations and at the same time the imagination of the advertisers, determines a very careful choice of four-legged actors. At every stage the animals are always protected both physically and emotionally. For this they will be followed by one of the Animal Spot instructors, in order to allow the carrying out of their part in advertising and at the same time avoid any form of stress. From farm animals to dogs, from cats to horses, from snakes to birds, from exotic species to big cats. The models of Animal Spot Milano can respond to all requests for advertising in continuous transformation.

2. Animals for events

The rental of animals for parties and events , details such as presentations of a company, the opening of an event, or a speech, is a very widespread reality that allows you to transfer more emotions to the spectators. The four-legged protagonist will be chosen according to your needs. Just contact the Animal Spot agency, for animal rental in Milan, and indicate what the needs are, the place where the event must take place and the role that the animal must play. In case of need for particular exotic species, not only the educator or the instructor will be provided, but also a veterinarian who will protect the well-being of the four-legged actor.

3. Rental for cinema

Following a script that is taught through gentle methods while respecting the skills and attitudes of each individual species is something that makes the animal rental service indispensable even for the cinema. The presence of dogs and cats is increasingly an integral part of both the small and the big screen. Not only do films where the protagonists are our four-legged friends are back in vogue, but their appearance on the screen is an integral part of a world that is getting closer and closer to the real one. Animals are present in all genres, from the western to the fantastic, from the adventures to the simple dog or cat of a thriller or thriller.
The animal service for the cinema allows you to have actors and models who are real professionals, since they will know their part perfectly in full respect of their well-being.

Noleggio Animali a Milano

Why choose dogs and cats for rent for commercials

More and more requests are made by the directors of commercials to use animals as protagonists or as extras in videos.

Equally are the need to have them as models to present a product. Just consider how the spread of dogs and cats in Italian homes has led to an exponential development of advertising for brands that produce food or objects for animals. Of course, if you have to choose a product for your four-legged friend, you have to ask yourself, what can be the best actor or model of a commercial? A dog or a cat?

But beyond the sectoral advertisements, the presence of animals on the small and large screen is now a constant reality.

Providing the actor or the four or two-legged model most suited to individual needs is a real passion and specialization that has allowed the Animal Spot agency in Milan to create over the years an exclusive and very varied casting , with different types of animals. All you have to do is contact the specialized staff of Animal Spot and pet rental in Milan will be not only a simple reality, but one that will respond to any of your requests.

Training of animal actors for set and cinema

The secret is in the training of the new actors, who are chosen by instructors and educators specialized in animal behavior , identifying the animals that may be most suitable for their roles.

Respect for the characteristics of each species is the first reality that characterizes the work of the Animal Spot. As in the case of human beings, every dog, cat, horse, bird or other farm or exotic animal has a character, a way of interacting with man and living certain environments that reflect the nature of the animal. The instructors and educators of the Animal Spot intervene to teach the roles required by the script, through the new methods of gentle education, respecting the abilities and psychology of an animal.

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