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Animal Spot Milano boasts a vast assortment of poultry trained to speak, fly with return and familiarity with humans through the professionalism and dedication of its expert falconers and veterinarians, we realize shooting and photo sets , films , events and videos .

All our birds are raised by hand and never by capture, with regular documentation (if required by the species ) and followed by our technical staff of falconers and parrot experts in Milan .

Volatili addestrati

Available bird species for hire include families of birds of prey, parrots, predatory birds and exotic birds in Milan:

• Ara ararauna parrots

• Cockatiel

• Cappagallini

• Eagles

• Barn owl

• Owls

• Buzzards

• Hawks

• Swans

• Geese

• Flamingos

Trained Birds Gallery

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