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Dog rental: when and how can we define a dog as an "actor dog"?

When at the casting exam the hairy candidate was found to be suitable, that is, confident, rather self-centered, led to carry out commands, docile with animals and humans.

Rental dogs actors

In order to provide the actor dog rental service, you must first do a dog casting in order to arrive at a selection of potential actor dogs. Subsequently, it is necessary to deal with dog training in a very specific way, thinking about the concept of advertising with dogs, that is, those shots and those commands that most frequently communicate the most common focus concepts in the

commercial with animals.

Dog training school actors for hire

Thanks to AnimalSpotMilano, the first training school for dog actors and models for hire was born, the offices are divided into two: one in Milan and one in Prato in Tuscany. By working in synchrony we are succeeding in something never seen before in the dog school: the creation of a team of trained dog actors and models suitable for rental.

Finally, a dog rental is organized in Milan with available subjects: to travel by various means, to obedience, to commands, to the constructive but tiring stress of performing exercises in the environment of any set.

noleggio cani a Milano

Gallery of Dogs for Hire

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