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The team of our animal agency is made up of trainers , veterinarians and experts in the ethological and entertainment sector.

We all share the school of thought that through the knowledge of animals and their nature, on a set, in a video or even in an artistic installation , the presence or performance of the animal actor or model can arouse emotion, sweetness, admiration. or any emotion you want.

To achieve this, the way forward is made up of patience, a gentle method and enthusiasm for the goal to be achieved.

The important thing is to know based on your nature what a certain type of animal can give or do with its own species and character.

Finally, it will always be the fire of the passion that animates all of us, to guarantee the intellectual growth of the animal actor and the realization of the goal to be achieved together with a good synergy with photographers, directors and artists.



Founder and manager of the agency.



Assistant on the set, athlete and equestrian trainer, founder and president of the Italian riding school, falconer, expert in the training of large animals in general.


Pet veterinarian doctor and assistant on set.

mara taddei animalspotmilano.PNG


Assistant on the set, dog trainer and responsible for casting and animal recruitment Central Italy

Cell. 3476757867

Mara Taddei

Assistant on the set and dog trainer of the agency animalspotmilano.

Contacts +393475794165


Assistant on the Set and Dog Trainer in Milan.

Contacts: +393714637454


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