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Our Animal Spot Milan agency periodically organizes animal castings .

To be part of our agency, the animal actors must be trained and pass an initial casting before they can be admitted to the selections for individual films or shootings.

This applies not only to dogs and cats but to all actors: horses, reptiles, farm animals and any other breed or species.
As for dogs and cats, the casting takes place at the Animal House Milano headquarters in via Adige.

Animal casting: what does it consist of?

Animal casting is usually organized once a month.

  • The requirements for acting dogs are: to be docile, self-centered, not aggressive with other animals or in difficulty in different and noisy places, finally sensitive and motivated in the training work that is indispensable.

  • As for the acting cats, on the other hand, they must be courageous, affectionate, accustomed to other animals, to the outside and to people.

  • For less common actor animals such as birds of prey, felines , farm animals , horses and numerous other species, especially large ones, it is the agency itself that moves through its trainers to do the initial casting and to test its Preparation.

The in-depth study regarding the interpretation of a role in the case of choice, can take place with our trainers and with the constant collaboration of the owner.

Casting for dogs: how does it happen?

The casting for dog actors provides for the welcome of the owners, upon reservation within the established times, with an explanatory and presentation interview, coffee, biscuits and a small gift consisting of a discount voucher.

Obviously the selection by providing a casting of dogs suitable for advertising, shooting, theater and events in general, is aimed at capturing the character of the probable actors and models and that of the owners, who must be absolutely confident and collaborative both in being managed by the Animal team. Spot Milano the furry ones on the set that in supporting their preparation through exercises at home and a course for actors organized by our two trainers.

Since everyone sees their son or furry friend as the ultimate in beauty, expressiveness and skill, very often the most demanding job is to make humans understand that any animal must be prepared in order to be an actor. this is what makes the difference. But once the informative message arrives, the results become truly satisfying!

In fact, with regard to dog training for any subject, specific work done together with our trainers is essential to achieve an adequate level of preparation.

Our selection of animals for commercials, cinema and TV also includes a survey regarding the availability to travel necessary to carry out the work.

In all cases, even in the case of large animals such as cows and horses, Animal Spot Milano is equipped for the transport of live animals with adequate means, drivers and trainers able to move with the trained animals in order to give the best assistance on the set. .

Our work of animal selection for commercials, cinema, TV does not only privilege these channels and in particular the rental for the cinema , but is specialized for fashion shooting and art installations with animals.


Castings of animal actors are organized periodically.

To register, you must follow us on our social media and wait for the publication of the date.

The material provided with photos and form will be accepted only if sent in the current week of the casting.


Any e-mail sent outside the established times will be ignored and will not guarantee registration for the castin g.


- Via Adige 3 Milano AnimalHouseMilano from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00.


Send the application with the appropriate form from 19/10/2020 to 23/10/2020

You will not receive any confirmation email, sending the form is sufficient for participation.


Download the form, fill in the required fields and send it as an attachment

to , sending the form automatically guarantees participation

To be able to write on the form, use a PDF editor

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