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Our agency collaborates with large reptile breeders , all docile and with documentation.

The reptiles for hire are accompanied by our experienced staff who select only the most docile and aesthetically beautiful specimens to enhance the presence of these unusual animals on photo sets , events , art installations and films .

The reptiles for hire are:

  • Pythons

  • Buoy

  • Snakes in general

  • Exotic animals

  • Iguanas

  • Turtles

Snake rental in Milan

Snake rental in Milan consists in the realization of shooting or videos with trained and docile snakes, which in addition to being used to contact with humans and socialization are completely harmless.

Iguana rental in Milan

Among the rented reptiles, the presence of the docile iguanas rental service in Milan could not be missing, only specimens selected on the basis of phenotypic and character characteristics.

Turtle rental in Milan

AnimalSpotMilano is also a leader in turtle rental in Milan , in fact our geochelone elegants posed for the New York Magazine in collaboration with Toilet Paper.

Reptile rental in Milan

The reptile rental availability does not end there! We have bearded dragons , leopard geckos, crested geckos, tokai geckos and even exotic animals .

Noleggio rettili a Milano
Noleggio tartarughe milano

Reptiles Gallery:

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