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But how to train a dog?

Among the services of Animal House Milano there is that of dog training.
To live with your dog in harmony and have a life partner who is well integrated into the urban environment, it is important to follow at least one of our dog training courses with a gentle method.
This allows you to go to public places or in chaotic situations with the presence of other living beings, with the peace of mind that your friend will not reserve any surprises but will be safe by your side as a real member of the community.

-But how to train a puppy for insertion at home?

-how to train an adult dog on a leash or harness?

- or finally, how to train a dog not to bark, or to be with children?

Through the help of our dog trainers, all of whom have a regular certification, you can have the opportunity to take private courses near your home or in a school camp, whenever you like.

It is important to underline that the training course allows you to build a strong and authentic relationship between owner and dog based on trust, cooperation and with well-defined roles while maintaining control in every situation.



The ideal is to start a school from when the dog is a puppy. Often, in fact, a wrong imprinting can create problems in the dog-owner relationship that turn into real behavioral disorders such as:

- aggression towards other dogs, animals or people.

poor socialization

unmotivated fear

- lack of discipline at home or on a walk

- insecure and sometimes biting attitude

- little resistance to unavoidable stress

Behavioral problem solving

It is essential that a dog is balanced at all times, even outside the set , a docile or trained dog is a dog that can be trusted and will be able to achieve excellent results in our training school for dog actors and models .

Dog behavior problem solving is applied by our canine , or dog , behaviorists for the purpose of eliminating dog fears, phobias or even anxieties towards objects, people and situations.

How? Discovering what causes the problem and acting on the animal to gradually alleviate the behavioral problem .

Activities for owners and dogs

The activity of bringing your pet on the set is already in itself a creative and fun experience for our four-legged friends, in fact they can socialize with different environments, communicate with the owner and with new people (dog trainers).

It is important to vary the places and activities to have a balanced dog ...

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